Worried About Distractions in Your Car?

With so many gizmos and gadgets available in the car, it is easy to get worried about getting distracted in the car. Music, sat-navs, T.V and video games can all leave a stressed out driver distracted on the road, which can be hazardous to you and others. However, don’t drop your car audio system and in-car entertainment; instead leave your worry behind by simply thinking ahead and understanding what may distract you.
The Radio
The oldest car audio gadget has been revamped in the last twenty years or so to include more radio stations from AM/Fm – and now digital. This has meant for many drivers they have more options available to them and has increased the likelihood of drivers changing the channel and jumping between radio programs. Obviously, Nationwide Car Insurance Number for some drivers this can be a hazardous distraction which can be easily avoided by either only changing the radio program when in a stationary position or when parked, asking the front passenger to change it, or by pre-programming the station into your car audio system – making it easy to find at a click of a button.
CD/Mp3 Car Audio System
There are a number of solutions these days for the driver who likes to regularly change their music. The car mp3 player has for example taken president in car audio systems over the old car CD player, because it is easier to change tracks. It also means the driver does not need to change CDs, but only needs to click a few buttons in order to change album completely. Mp3 players allow you to have far more control over your music and distract drivers far less.
You must always change your music, whether on CD or Mp3 rapidly and safely to make sure you are never distracted from the road. It’s vital that you keep your music down to a decent level, so that you can still hear traffic and so that you are not distracted nor or other drivers. In a small area, such as a car, having loud music can cause long and short term hearing damage, so it’s best for your health overall that you avoid it.
DVD Players
A few years ago you may have scoffed at the idea of DVD players in cars. Today the DVD player is a common component of the car audio system – and for many it would seem weird without it. The reasoning behind this popularity is partly due to parents being sick of their kid’s irritability and boredom on journeys – well it certainly is a cure for it!
A screen is often placed in the back of the headrests and attached to a DVD player. These screens often include a ‘switch off’ feature, which switches off the T.V as soon as the car moves. In the U.K, it is illegal 2017 Used Cars For Sale to drive on the road and watch T.V as there is a high risk of distraction. Even though many have learnt to override this function it is still highly dangerous and could endanger you and your family and others.
However, a DVD player or games console hooked up to a screen will distract the kids from distracting you for a good few hours. Be careful what DVDs and games you choose though, as over-excitement may cause the kids to distract you through sudden noise or movement, which is not good for your driving.

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