Why Use a Car Booster Seat for Your Child

As your child grows, he will also outgrow his toddler seat and his baby car seat. You will soon notice that your child no longer fits comfortably into them when riding a car. This is the perfect time for you to find a car booster seat for him. The usual baby car seats have restrictions and their belts fit babies below the age of 4. But most kids are not ready yet to use the seat belts as adults do, this is why having a car booster seat will make them safer and comfortable when riding in a car.
Child car seat makers are bound by strict laws and guidelines and you may be surprised to realize that the seats are just the same in terms of safety features and that more expensive car booster seats don’t have anything better compared to the moderately priced seats. A car seat belt is really made for adults so kids will not be protected enough with this. By using a booster seat for your child, you can ensure that everything is fitted perfectly for his or her comfort and safety. There are car seats that feature high back or low back designs. High back models give the child a comfortable head rest even if the car itself does not have high seats. More importantly, this feature protects the child from “whiplash” in case of an accident.
The low back models are cheaper than high back models and are more convenient to move from one car to other. But low back models are recommended for use on cars with headrests and high seats. High back car booster seat comes with a five point harness which can be ignored when you decide Buy Old Car to ride on a belt positioning mode. But still, using the harness which comes with the seat is still the safest way to hold your child until he or she outgrows it. You may also find convertible models which can be used for children soon as they start using the car toddler seat.
Car booster seats are designed to improve the position of children and raise them to a level so that their lap and shoulder belts fit properly. Belt positioning with these seats should always be used with the car’s seat belt. Log In Carmudi When properly put in place, your car seat will keep the child steady so that the lap belt goes over the child’s pelvis and not over his stomach, and the shoulder belt goes across his chest and not his face or neck.

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