Why Buy a Vehicle From a Dealership?

There are 1000’s of used cars bought privately every week in the UK. Most of the time it is the price that holds the greatest attraction for buying vehicles in this way. The ability to haggle the price, to check the vehicle yourself to find cost reducing defects and checking over the service history, all of these points get the hearts of some used cars buyers racing. However, if going over the history and maintenance of a vehicle when buying privately doesn’t float your boat, you are leaving yourself wide open to receive a banger in exchange for good cash without any recourse should it all go horribly wrong. The legal maxim ‘caveat emptor’, or ‘let the buyer beware’ really won’t help you get your money back in the event that you find yourself out of pocket when buying privately. Also, what second hand car seller doesn’t include the phrase ‘sold as seen’ on the sales receipt? This phrase deems the buyer to be fully aware of what he is buying before any cash is handed over, whether it is a shed on wheels or not… It’s not like you are going to get a warranty either… What a minefield!
Even if you have got an eye for Car Wale detail can you be sure that:
A� The vehicle hasn’t previously been written off?
A� Is the seller legally entitled to sell the vehicle?
A� Is there outstanding finance on the vehicle?
A� Is the service history correct? Does it even belong to the car?!
A� Has there been any mechanical work carried out that is hidden from view?
A� Has any repair or maintenance work previously carried been carried out to a high standard?
A� Is there an accident waiting to happen? Why is the car being sold?
So, why not buy from a dealership where most of these issues do not exist (well, as least not when using a ‘reputable’ dealership anyway)?
For starters, the vast majority of vehicles bought from dealerships will have a full and valid HPI check as well as an AA or RAC inspection. These will guard you against any outstanding finance on the vehicle, whether the vehicle has previously been written off and then repaired and whether the vehicle has been maintained correctly and to a reasonable standard.
There will inevitably be a better choice of vehicles to choose from. First of all most dealerships have various finance package options, which means that you can usually spend more than you would if you had to rely solely on the cash in your pocket. This can help you spread the cost of buying the vehicle and therefore leaves you in a good place to go for a better specification of vehicle, a newer vehicle or just something a little sportier. Secondly and obviously, there will be a wider choice of vehicles to choose from than you’d find from a private seller; different colours, type and size of alloys, leather instead of velour seats, electric instead of ‘windy down’ windows etc.
Most vehicles bought from a dealership have also received a service and valet before you pick them up. There is nothing worse than picking up a second hand vehicle and having to valet it when you get home to get rid of smells and stains already present in the vehicle. A good valet will also show up any defects in the bodywork and interior trim and dealers are usually more than happy for you to carry out your own ‘inspection’ of the vehicle.
For what cannot be spotted by the naked eye there is usually a choice of warranty options available from dealership that can be extended depending on how much you want to spend on this piece of Car Modification Parts India mind element. Warranties will usually cover you for any mechanical failure within a certain period of time and again provide peace of mind that is just not found when buying a car privately.
Finally, vehicles bought from dealerships also tend to be serviced before you pick them up. This alone can save you hundreds of pounds within the first few months of owning a vehicle. It also ensures that the service history is up to date and you won’t be driving around worrying about the car beneath you falling apart.
Other than price there seems to be little going for buying a car privately. For total peace of mind it appears that buying from a dealership is your best option.

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