What To Do With Your Used Car Before Trading It In

Discover what to do with your used car before trading it in and put more cash in your pocket. This article will cover some of the things appraisers look for when considering a trade in value. Knowing this ahead of time and preparing by using a few easy tips will help you get top dollar for your trade in.
To get the most out of your trade in, begin by learning what it’s worth in today’s market place. You can find the value through Kelley Blue Book, the NADA guide and the Black Book. Use these three resources to learn both the wholesale and retail value. This information will help you in negotiations when it comes time to determine the used car trade in value of your vehicle.
The next thing to consider is the first impression your used car will make when the dealership goes to appraise it. Make sure you do your best to have your car looking its best.
Have the car detailed inside and out.
If you have a local car wash that does reasonable detailing, this out-of-pocket expense may be well worth the investment. When you bring your used car in looking spotless it may put a few extra hundred in your pocket.
Begin with the outside, washing it thoroughly and adding a coat of wax if the paint is looking a little dull. Spend extra time on the wheel wells so that there Car Dealership Promotional Items is no brake dust in the details of your hubcaps or wheel wells. If the tires are looking a little dull, use some Armor All to bring back the dark black luster.
Next, work on the inside. It is a good idea to remove all personal items such as car seats, extra clothing, shoes and sports equipment. This will allow the appraiser to better see what the used car will look like on the lot at resale time.
In addition, remove any personal items like an iPod, GPS system or satellite radio equipment that you want to Hyundai Bendigo keep. If these are not removed the dealership may assume they are going with the car at the time of trade in.
Vacuum the car completely. Shampoo the carpets if there are stains or if there is an odor in the vehicle. Odor is one of the most impressionable factors to someone evaluating your used car and shampooing the interior could help reduce or eliminate the odor.
If you car doesn’t have excessive miles with wear and tear, a good detail can help you get top dollar. This means you will have more money toward your next vehicle.

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