What To Do If A Car Tyre Has A Blow Out

A tyre blow out can be a frightening thing to experience, particularly when driving at speed along the motorway. The vehicle will become very difficult Best Car Model Names to both handle and to stop, so it is important to know how you should react so you can bring the vehicle to a safe stop and avoid an accident.
Blow outs can be caused by a variety of things; the most common being low tyre pressures. Under inflated tyres mean that the weight of the car can push the tyre down and make it bulge. At high speeds this will ripple, and the resulting friction will heat the tyre. There is only so much of this that the tyre can withstand before it bursts. If you are extremely unlucky, the heat can even cause it to catch on fire.
When one of your front car tyres suffers a blow out, you will be able to feel the car pulling badly to one side. Hold tightly to the steering wheel and try to head to the hard shoulder. If you have to use the brakes then be gentle as it can exacerbate the car pulling to one side. Letting the car slow down by itself is a safer bet. If it’s a rear tyre the car will begin to weave. Using the brakes is okay as it will transfer weight away from the rear, but it may cause the car to slide. Again, it may be better to let the car slow down naturally, changing down the gears if you need to.
Once you have stopped safely, you can continue as you would for any breakdown – hazard lights on and wait safely out of the car on the side away from the road. If you are on the side of the motorway you should call a breakdown service to come and fit the spare. If it’s a space saver, you will then need to have a replacement full size car tyre fitted, and you can have the condition of the wheel checked at the same time, as driving on it for any length of time could have caused damage.
To try to prevent such a frightening situation happening, you should check your tyre pressures regularly, and pump them up if needed. At the same time you should do a visual inspection of the tyres – any slow punctures will lower the tyre pressure, Headquarters Of Automobile Companies as will repeatedly kerbing the tyres, or driving over potholes. Any cuts or bulges may mean the tyre needs replacing, and it is much better to do this as soon as you notice it, rather than put yourself at risk of having to deal with a blow out.

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