What to Do Before an Accident

Car accidents are some of the leading causes of American fatalities every year. But not every accident is fatal. There are car crashes every day that must be handled by those involved. No matter how cautious you are as a driver Car Engine Tuning there is always a chance that you could be the victim of a car accident. Although this is a frightening fact, but luckily there are steps you can take to make yourself safer in case you are the victim of a car crash.
Before an Accident Happens
Before an accident occurs you can prepare your vehicle and yourself to take the proper steps, should you get involved in a crash. It is important to note that the severity of a car crash is unique to each accident. These steps are most helpful for the common fender-bender or non-serious accident.
· Avoid having loose items strewn about the car. Always put bags, groceries, and similar large items in the trunk. If you must have loose items in the main part of the vehicle, try and secure them in pockets or holders if possible, or even securely behind the seat for slightly larger items. This will help prevent in-car projectiles in the case of an accident, and can prevent traumatic injuries that result from collision with items.
· Prepare an accident kit to keep in your glove box or trunk. This should include an emergency kit, cones, a pen and pad of paper for writing down insurance information and details of the accident, an information Car Make And Model Generator sheet listing your medical information such as allergies, medications, or conditions, in case you are taken into medical care, and a disposable camera to take pictures of the crash and the scene of the accident.
· Always wear your seat belt! You cannot control another vehicle from hitting you, but you do have control over your own safety. Seat belts are a legal requirement for a reason. Use yours every time you drive.
If You Are About to Be Hit
· Relax!! Locked joints and tense muscles can make the injuries suffered from a car crash much more severe.
· If you see a vehicle rapidly approaching your rear and think they are going to hit you, try and move onto the shoulder or out of the way somehow if possible.
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