“What Should I Know About Waxing My Classic Car” He Pondered

Well, prior to retirement our company did a lot of work with auto auctions, car shows, and commercial TV productions, thus we were constantly cleaning and waxing classic cars Best Bmw Car Cover for our customers of classic cars, and customized classic autos. So, you can image even to this day, I am the “go-to guy” when it comes to questions concerning such topics.
Not long ago, a gentleman at a local car show asked me; “What Should I Know About Waxing My Classic Car” and thus, I felt obligated to explain it all to him. You see, waxing your car is fairly easy, but it is amazing how many people mess it up. They get wax on the rubber, windshield wipers, in the cracks, on the fabric top, and it just looks like they paid a third grader to wax it – don’t be that person. Below are some tips for you:
1. Any good auto detailer will tell you that a great wax job first starts with a perfectly cleaned car. So, make sure you get all the road tar, bugs, and rubber totally cleaned. Make sure the wheel wheels are clean, and under the bumpers too – front and back.
2. Always choose a liquid wax for the first coat. All waxes are not created equally, so do not settle for the cheap stuff, as there is a reason why it is so cheap, or on the discounted rack.
3. Make sure the car is totally dry, no water dripping out of the cracks from the wash phase.
4. Always wax the car in sections.
5. Apply the wax to the applicator, not to the car directly, as many waxes have cleaners in them, and you can end up with streaks.
6. Make sure your applicator has no grit on it. Always use a fresh applicator every time or one which has been washed completely.
7. When waxing near cracks, put your hand on the side of the applicator near the crack with your smallest finger riding the edge of the crack to prevent the applicator from putting any wax there. Do this also around the rubber, seams, and windows, as well.
8. Outline the area around the cracks in the body, and then fill in the area with nice tight wax circles about five to eight inches in diameter.
9. Remove the wax on each fender or body part before How To Desk A Car Deal continuing, but make sure the wax is dry.
10. After you remove the wax, look at it, does it need another coat? Then do it.
11. Once you have a liquid coat of wax on the entire car consider another couple of coats of paste wax. Use the same steps. Again, buy the good stuff as there is a world of difference.

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