What Makes a Car Vintage?

Several people may assume that just because their cars are old, they automatically qualify to be characterized as vintage. While old age is indeed a significant characteristic, it is important to note that this is not the only determinant since old cars can also fall under the category of classic or antique. It is for this reason that most people may wonder how they can determine whether their cars can be termed as vintage or not?
One can confidently consider his/her car vintage if it was built between the start of 1919 and the end of 1930, commonly referred to as the vintage period by most specialists in the automotive world. Most vintage cars are said to have been manufactured after World War 1 since most automakers had gained knowledge from the war which motivated them to make improvements on cars. As a result, automakers designed advanced cars with more features and manufacturers experimented with internal combustion engines.
Most vintage cars are more comfortable than cars that were manufactured before this period. They are specially characterized by such features as in-car heating as well as in-car radio system. These are features that were unheard of in cars manufactured before Baby Car Seat And Stroller the vintage period. What is more, as compared to older cars, vintage cars have the passenger side as well as a foot brake. Additionally, vintage cars surpass older cars with the presence of an anti-freeze for cars that use a radiator for cooling.
Vintage cars can also be easily spotted with their outstanding outlook. Most of these cars have big font-mounted headlamps whereas they are also popularly known for their spooked wheels. Besides, one can easily spot a vintage by looking at how the car’s roof 2016 Cars For Sale has been built. Most vintage cars have roofs that are popularly designed with a canopy style. It is also common to notice some extent of gentility in a vintage car just like it is normally portrayed in quite a number of movies with a post war era setting.
Quite a number of automotive advancements were realized in the vintage period and most cars were manufactured with better features than the ones that had been manufactured before. Some of the features that are characteristic of these vintage cars include vacuum tank fuel systems as well as oil and air filters. It is also common to find both vacuum and electric windshield wipers together with higher compression engines in these cars. Vintage cars are also popularly known for headlights that have high and low beam as well as stop lights.
A car is not a vintage if it does not have radios and heaters coupled with synchromesh transmissions. It is also common to find balloon tires as well as chrome plating on vintage cars. Still, these cars have headlights that normally turn with the movement of the steering while the electric system is 12 volt. What is more, these cars can not miss boat tail speedsters, vent windows, rumble seats as well as front wheel drive. Therefore before gauging if your car is a vintage confirm that it has various if not all of the aforementioned features.

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