What Are the Best Colors For Hen Night Accessories?

What Are the Best Colors For Hen Night Accessories?

There are only a few days before the wedding and you can feel the stress piling up on you faster and faster. You try to plan the final details trying not to think about how emotional this event makes you. This is the moment when your future bridesmaid reminds you of your hen night party. The party has already been organized just for you and for your friends.

It is time to have a break and have fun. If you want to be involved in the planning of this party you could share your thoughts with the organizer. For example you could talk about what is the color your hen night accessories will be. If you’re short on ideas you could consider the following tips.

This types of parties are meant for women so they are all about feminine preferences. The best color for this night is pink. It should not miss even if it is light or bright pink. This color is very optimistic and will make everyone have pink thoughts instead of the usual worries and day to day problems. Pink is a color that can be applied on anything. You could order pink sashes, pink hen party boppers, pink fluffy handcuffs, pink hats or pink invitations. Your entire party could be pink and your friends will have a lot of fun at your party.

Another color for hen night accessories is white. White is the color of the wedding dress so it will remind your friends about the future event where you will look like an angel. At the party you could have white butterfly wings, white garter or white sashes with the right printed message for all the girls.

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The other colors fit for accessories are red and black. These colors are very spicy so the accessories having these colors will make you look very hot. They are fit for devil horns, fluffy feather boas and bunny ears. If you’re planning a wild party in the club these are the best colors.

Hen night accessories are meant to improve your party and spice it up a little. So the color of your sash, your tiara, or your hat is less important as long as you and your friends are having fun wearing them.