Used Mini – A New Look & A New Image

The Mini as a brand has undergone a massive series of changes in the past few years. What was once a tiny iconic car, back in the swinging sixties, is now rebranded as a compact yet spacious People Looking For Cars supermini. This hatchback retains that same stylish and famous Mini shape whilst trying to add a hefty dose of modern features and easy comfort to make the ride a little less bumpy.
In true Mini style, however, this car still tries hard to be fun. Those brilliant Mini genes, whilst not looking quite as tiny and cute, still lend themselves to a car that is nippy and quirky. If it is possible, the Mini is even more fun to drive now that you have air conditioning and a floor that won’t threaten to fall out.
Of course, if you want an original mini you will still have to go to a used Mini dealer or a private seller Buying Second Hand Car Bali – but if the newer idea is more your cup of tea, then here are the variety of Mini models in the range.
Firstly, the Hatchback. Available in a multitude of different specs, this little car is the first shape and design that springs to mind when people think of the modern mini. It is also the most common type for sale on used mini websites or at dealerships. This car ranges from the basic Mini First edition at just over 10k, up to the much fancier Mini Cooper S, a sporty little hatchback with surprisingly high maximum speed and the sort of power that original Mini enthusiasts can’t even dream of.
Then there is the Mini convertible. Here you get the fun and luxury of a convertible (as long as you get some sunny days in which to drive it) in attractive combination with that boxy little Mini body. The fuel consumption is surprisingly low for a convertible car, and the power isn’t too disappointing either. For those seeking something with a little extra pull, the sports version is the beefed up older sister with a healthy dose of Mini-esque attitude.
Finally, the classiest and potentially most expensive model, even if you are buying a used Mini, is the all round good guy that is the Mini Clubman. Everyone knows the clubman for the fancy double doors to the boot. There is no effortful lifting of the boot door here, this is designed for easy loading and easy closing, making the Clubman the most functional mini in the range. If you really fancy shelling out, the Mini Cooper D offers that typical diesel fuel economy and steady drive, whilst the sports version really tries hard to pump out the power.
As a Mini there is only so fast that they can go, but this really does show just how broad the range has become. You may not have an equivalent to all the old used Mini pick-up trucks and other strange models – but for the real world this new range should do just fine.

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