Used Land Rover – Suitable For Everyone Regardless of Class

In terms of the best possible 4X4 of choice, there has only been one name on the lips of the buying public for over the past decade; Land Rover. In performance tests they are second to none, outstripping the competition Buying Classic Cars at every turn. In commercial terms they have achieved what none of the competition have been able to do and that is to find the balance between rugged, all terrain machismo and the opulent luxury of a prestige saloon.
This means that Land Rover have achieved the rare honour of appealing to two very differing customers. Firstly, the versatility and engineering capability behind the Land Rover makes it the vehicle of choice for agricultural workers and those who have to traverse rough terrain on a daily basis to perform their jobs correctly.
Secondly, Land Rover appeals to the opposite end of the social spectrum, by proving to be immensely popular with the middle classes, who have absolutely no need for a tough 4X4 vehicle, but have grown accustom to the luxurious interiors and incredibly smooth drive.
This is a rather unique occurrence in the automotive industry and other than sports cars and supercars; I am struggling to find another example of a car that can straddle Top Three Car Manufacturers In The World the differing classes in its marketability. This is a inimitable position for the manufacturer to be in and is obviously very profitable for them in terms of sales.
If you are looking for the best priced model, I recommend checking the Used Land Rover market, as this is where you’ll find the right model for you; regardless of the life you lead or the social class you belong to.

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