Used Dodge – How to Find a Good Deal

The quality of automobiles has increased over the years, so buying a good used car is not as risky as it once was. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average life span of an automobile is about 12 years, but the typical car is traded in or sold when it is just over 4 years old. That leaves plenty of years of life left in many used cars which means you can get a very good deal.
A Used Dodge is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable transportation. A trustworthy Used Dodge Caliber Hatchback has many features that are appealing. The styling is reminiscent of a minivan or SUV although it is classed as a compact vehicle. The Caliber has more cargo room than most hatchbacks, and the rear seats fold flat to accommodate bulky items. It has good fuel economy and offers comfortable seating.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA rates vehicles in crash tests. The Dodge Caliber scored 5 stars for both the front and side crash tests. This is the highest rating they can get, so the Caliber is a very safe car to drive. If you buy a Used Dodge, it is important to have a trusted mechanic inspect the car fully. Be sure he puts it on a lift and checks for any damage pointing to a previous accident or water damage Car Cover Sizes from a flood. Your mechanic acts as an impartial third party and gives you insights and advice about the car you may purchase. It is also important to get a full history of the car. A vehicle history report will tell you if the car was ever salvaged or recalled. The report will also reveal if it ever failed an inspection or if a fraudulent odometer reading was attempted. Most experts agree that you should never sign an “As Is” statement.
This could be mixed in with all the other paperwork you have to sign. Typically you should have 30 days to be sure the vehicle is in good condition. Once you drive the Car Safety Tips car away, you have no recourse if something goes wrong with it if you signed the “As Is” statement. Using these tips should make buying a Used Dodge a good experience.

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