Used Car Price

India is a developing country and has moving fast towards becoming a developed nation. The lifestyle of Indians has changed a lot. Earlier, affording a two wheeler was near to impossible for many. Times have changed and now, an average Indian can easily afford a small car. It is not really necessary to have a car as luxury. That is, one need not have a Mercedes Benz or Audi car. As long as it helps the individual in making his and his family’s travelling easy, a car can be great. It needn’t even be a new car. The car’s price will be too high. A well-maintained used car can be more than sufficient. The car’s price will be a great deal lesser than its new counterpart. Here, let’s have a look at the used car prices in India.
New car prices can be way higher than the second hand automobiles. So, isn’t it better to go for the used model? Of course, one needs to be careful enough while purchasing a pre-owned auto in a country like India. Certain checks need to be done very carefully. The Indian roads are usually bad and the car can be in a real bad condition if driven not by the owner but a driver, especially if it had been used for commercial transfers. These cars will be available at a much lower price though.
On the other hand, a car handled by a single owner/driver can be great. Many Indians initially buy low-cost vehicles and then move on towards the fully featured costlier cars. Buying used cars from such car owners who sell off their old ones just to replace it with new cars can get the buyer a great car at an excellent price. The Gumtree Cars car will have been maintained very well. Also, any new car’s price in India goes down 20 per cent the moment it goes out of the dealership. That can be great news for the second hand car buyer. The steady rate of depreciation in India of 7-12 per cent a year makes used cars a better choice than new ones, don’t you think so?
For such cars, firstly, one will have to pay 25 to 30 per cent lesser than the new car. Secondly, since it’s not too old, the will be equipped with all the latest features that one would find in Farmers Insurance Group a new car. Then have a look at the instrument console. Greater the distance travelled by the car, lower will be its selling price. So, the used car market, in other words, is the buyer’s market.
The prices vary depending on the model also. While a used automobile of a model that’s currently doing very well in the Indian market can be a little costlier than a less popular model, buying the more popular one can be a better deal. The reason being, maintenance and finding of spares is going to be easier. The outdated model may bear a lower price, but maintenance and repairs is going to be more difficult and costlier.
Right now, in India, we have brand name used car dealers like Maruti TrueValue, Honda Auto Terrace, Ford Assured, Toyota U Trust, Hyundai Advantage, and M&M’s First Choice. The price may be even higher here. But there is a guarantee for the quality of these certified used cars.

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