Used Car Price – How is it Determined?

How to find and negotiate used car price
When you decide to buy a used car you will probably ask yourself if you could get the best deal out of it. Either you buy it yourself or with the help of used car dealer, your final choice should be something you would never regret. Mostly you would want to know how the price is being determined, how the value is set and if the seller’s asking price is fair or not. Furthermore you would want to negotiate and feel that you had the best deal finally. On the other hand, if you are in seller’s position, you would most likely to know how much your car value should be set and what the fair price to ask would be.  
Used car price can’t be based on science  
It is commonly known that even a brand new car’s value will start to depreciate rapidly as soon as it’s taken out of the dealer’s car lot – sometime as much as 20% of MSRP price tag. And then it will be considered as one of those many found at used car lots. Once it becomes a used car, then the actual value will be based on a number of factors. Usually brand name and model, mileage driven, year built, options, accident history, overall condition (exterior and interior) will be deciding factors when it comes to evaluate the value.  
So how is price set?  
There are no rules or regulations on who should determine the value of used cars. The price tag is only suggested number therefore no one should conform to any preset value. However there is a price guide provided by the companies such as Edmunds, Kelley’s Blue Book and NADA Guides. Those companies have well established history of used car value estimates based on the data out of final sales price at the auction and dealer’s transaction records. But again, those numbers are statistics and accumulation of what was put towards particular car model of chosen year built, plus many other deciding factors.  
We can always find that those estimated values are all different between those companies for the exact same used car, and begin to wonder which one is right and more accurate. If you are a buyer you would want less price tag for the same condition, and if as a seller you would want the most value out of it. Since these values are just educated and tested data in the past, no price tag is either right or more accurate. Another words, there are no rocket science on the price determination process or definitive court order to follow.  
In short, used car values are determined by how much the buyer is willing to pay. If any particular car manufacturer and model has a good reputation and popularity among consumers, then the buyer will definitely pay more to get one. For example, there were times Nationwide Car Insurance when a large size SUV was so popular and has been dream car to each mid-size family. But since the high gas price is becoming an issue, the value started to decrease as more people began to avoid and tend to depend on fuel efficient hybrid, small car.  
Therefore, the trend keeps changing due to other economic factors – the gas price in this case, and you can never tell what the right and accurate used car value would be for the next few years to come.  
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