Used Car Negotiations Ways to Keep a Dealership Honest When Buying a Used Car

If you have never gone through the process of purchasing a used vehicle from an auto dealership there are some things you must know before you step onto the lot. Learning how to negotiate when buying a used car is mostly about self education. It is also important to not get emotionally attached to the car that you want. Several years ago I made the mistake of walking into my local Chevy dealership without doing any research beforehand. Sadly, I had not only my eyes but my heart set on a particular truck on the lot and the salesman could spot my desperation a mile away.

I was trusting enough to think that I would be treated fairly and that I would get the best deal possible. In short, I was just the sucker the dealerships love to see coming. That was  back in 2002. In 2007 my wife and I decided that it was time to purchase her a nice used car. I had made up my mind that I was going to learn what I needed to get a fair deal. Here are some of the basic guidelines that I learned that made a big difference in my ability to deal with the auto dealerships.

Obviously you need to decide on what kind of car that you would like to own. Once you decide on your make and model you can check prices at various auto internet sites. Be sure to make notes and print out information that you learn online. Keep everything in a notebook and take it with you to the car lot. Salespeople will automatically notice that you have been doing your homework.

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After doing some studying I have come to believe that leasing a car is the worst way to own a vehicle. In saying that I would also like to say that you should always shop based on the vehicle price NOT monthly payments. If a dealership Car Servicing Checklist knows how much your willing to pay a month their are to many ways that they can twist the financing terms around to get you into that car. All of that twisting will only make you pay more for a longer period of time.

Paying cash does not always guarantee a better price. This one made me take a double take to. I’m not saying that you should borrow money to buy a car if you can pay for it. Remember, your securing the price with the salesperson but in most dealerships he has little to do with payment terms. Once you secure Best Car Paint Protection Film your price you move on to the finance department to discuss payment arrangements. If the dealership knows that your paying cash for your car the chances of you getting a substantial discount are much lower. Why, because they can’t recoup those discounts if you don’t finance the vehicle through them.