Used BMW’s – They Can’t All Be Bad Drivers!

I have to say that I am slightly annoyed whilst writing this, which may cloud my clarity of judgment, but I feel the need to vent my frustration somewhat. On the way to work this morning, which admittedly isn’t a particularly long journey, I was dangerously Automotive Brand Strategy overtaken by two BMW drivers. To top this off I was driving at the correct speed so what they did was an act borne purely out of some kind of misappropriated aggression. This got me thinking; do some cars inherently make their drivers more aggressive?
BMW is a classic example of a car manufacturer that seems to bring out the worst in a number of drivers. In Britain, BMW drivers have been (perhaps rather lazily) tarred with a brush How Much Off Msrp For New Car by many automotive journalists. I think a more realistic viewpoint to take is that there are definitely a few bad apples that spoil it for the entire BMW driver contingency.
With this in mind, I doubt many motorists would turn down the opportunity to own and drive a BMW on a daily basis. The fact that they are manufactured to very high standards mean that if they are looked after by their previous owners, a Used BMW could be a great investment that provides a long and satisfying life for its owner.
I may not be the most image conscious person in the world, but I would perhaps err on the side of caution regarding Used BMW ownership, I would be too afraid of being considered a bad driver to buy one at the moment.

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