Used BMW – The 125i M Sport

The BMW coupe 125i M Sport is visually stunning, it’s very sleek and seductive with smooth curves, and has lost the boxiness of the 120i ES. It seems to give off an understated feel but at the same time refuses to fade into the background and its glossy exterior continues inside. With an ‘Aluminium Glacier Silver’ interior trim, and chrome finishers, it is luxurious but once again modest in its styling.
Its unfussy principles continue in the gadgetry department, it has all the mod cons, and even a few little extras like extended Best Infant Car Seat 2019 lighting, and a rain sensor that activates your headlights, but it doesn’t force over complicated technology at you.
It is however, significantly heavier than the 120i ES, which is to be expected from a much larger engine, but this doesn’t seem to hamper it in anyway, as can clearly be seen from its performance records.
Top Gear is quoted at saying that it ‘rides like a racing car and demands your attention all the time. Perfect.’ And it’s easy to see why. This model has an extra 1000 cc under its hood against the 120i’s 1996cc, and for that you can shave off New Car Vs Used Car Pros And Cons 1.4 seconds of acceleration time, taking just 6.4 seconds to get from 0 to 60mph. With a top speed of 152mph, this car stands up to its competitors, like the Jaguar X type series, and comes out winning at nearly 3 thousand pounds cheaper.
Popular since their conception, the coupe series are renowned for handling well, for being comfortable and generally an excellent all-rounder. Suitable for even the most technophobic, this car is credited with returning power to the driver once again. The Used BMW 125i M Sport is a perfect example of this, and is truly excellent value for money at just under £26, 000.

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