Undervalued Cars in Today’s Market

There are so many cars on the market that it is hard to know what to choose. Depending on your needs, here are three new cars that are currently on the market that are undervalued in what they can do. This isn’t just a list of three of the hottest cars or three cars that are undervalued because they won’t pull as many hot ladies as you want. No, this list is simply three cars that are undervalued in their price sector.
In the economy car sector, we have the Suzuki SX4. While you may have heard of the motorcycles that Suzuki is famous for, they are also big into making small cars that are actually not too bad. While this car won’t win any beauty contests, the Suzuki SX4 isn’t trying to win anyone over. And although the styling may not grab you, the fact that this is the lowest priced, new all wheel drive vehicle that you can buy, should. In fact, given that the Suzuki actually has a very decent reliability record, and that it returns an impressive – for an AWD Newly Listed Used Cars vehicle anyway – 22 city mpg and 28 highway, this car should not be overlooked. The engine is tiny though, at only 2.0 liters and pushing out only 143 hp. The main problem with this type of engine is the transmission and the Suzuki does itself no favors with the four-speed automatic. It is pretty much a dog with this, and the best bet is to stick with the manual. For around $16,000 you can have a small, AWD vehicle that has good reliability, sure footed handling in all weather, and even have the option of an integrated Garmin navigation system.
For those who want a little more space for their families or, simply to carry more things, there is a very, sorely undervalued sedan on the market right now. The Subaru Legacy has been around since the late 80s, but it has never had the mainstream success that Honda and Toyota have had. So why is this? For starters, Subaru does not do as much advertising as the other two giants. Plus, Subaru is pretty much an independent when it comes to the automotive world, being a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries, and does not have the budget, or the large scale operation to try and take on the heavy hitters dollar for dollar. Where the Legacy really succeeds though, is in the drive. This car is much more involving and fun to drive than either the Accord or the Camry. Both of those cars have their merits, but none of those merits come down to fun. The Legacy also offers a wide range of specifications for the driver. The current model features three different engine choices and three different transmission choices. The base model features a 170 hp, 2.5 liter horizontally-opposed four cylinder engine with a standard six-speed manual transmission. You can also opt to get a CVT, or continuously variable transmission, as well that will give a boost in fuel mileage. In fact, with this engine and transmission combo, the Legacy will return over 30 mpg on the highway. That’s particularly impressive when you factor in that it is a full size sedan and that it comes standard, like every Subaru, with AWD. The other engines include a 3.6 liter six-cylinder with 256 hp (on 87 octane by the way) as well as the always enjoyable, and driver’s favorite, 2.5 liter turbo engine with 243 hp. While these engines may not get the same sort of fuel mileage as the smaller one, they do return a much bigger smile. These engines give the whole range a larger flexibility when it comes to buyer preference as well. Honda and Toyota both offer various engine choices as well, but neither of them offers a full on turbo charged, manual transmissioned car for the automotive enthusiast. Subaru is trying hard to make sure that everyone has a choice when it comes to getting into the sedan sector, and thanks to the different choices on offer, everyone from the fuel miser to the canyon carver can be satisfied with their Legacy choice.
Moving up the car spectrum even farther we come to the big hitters. The supercar segment took a big hit when the economy went into the toilet, but they are still out there and they are still very much alive. In fact, there are probably more choices out there for the new supercar buyer than ever before. But what should you buy? Well, most people will say, get a Lambo, or buy a Ferrari, but I have another Italian in mind. If it were up to me, more people would be driving Alfa Romeos. Now I know that Alfa has not been part of the American car landscape for a little over a decade, but they will be making a come back in just a few years. And, as of right now, there is one Alfa that stands above all the rest, and that you can actually buy in America right now. That car is the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Some have said, and rightfully so, that this is the most beautiful car on sale today. I can’t agree more, though most Alfa cars are very lovely to look at anyway. But they went above and beyond with this model. Hyundai Tucson 7 Seater The long, swoopy front end flows over the top of the car and ends in a beautifully stubby tail that recalls GT race cars. When you combine the short front and rear overhangs and the bulging, muscular wheel arches, you end up with a car that can do no wrong cosmetically. And under the bonnet things get even better. The engine is a Ferrari-sourced 4.7 liter V8 pumping out 450 hp that makes one of the best noises you will ever hear. From a burbling grumble on start up to a high pitched wail nearing the red line, the whole thing is a symphony of sound wrapped up in one of the loveliest shapes there is. Of course, this does mean that it costs a pretty penny. In fact, the car itself costs around $300,000, but there will only be 500 of these ever made, with only 84 in this country. Sure it doesn’t accelerate the fastest, it isn’t the most powerful and it won’t blow people away when the road gets twisty, but for the looks, sound and exclusivity you get with this car, nothing else is going to matter to you.
So there you are. Three cars that are undervalued in their segment and three cars that are actually a good bargain when you consider the value that they will give you. In the case of the Suzuki, it means having the surefootedness of AWD in a compact car. The Legacy is there for those who want more driver involvement in the sedan category and the Alfa proves that buying a car with your heart makes more sense than ever.

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