Truly Mobile Tyre Fitting With An Air Jack

When we think about mobile tyre fitting, it generally conjures up an image of a car sitting on someone’s drive or by the side of the road while a professional mobile tyre fitting service fits the tyres. However, that is not always where you find yourself when you need to change a tyre. Whether you enjoy offroading in your 4×4, or just spend a lot of time driving on bumpy country roads in the middle of nowhere, an air jack is the fast and easy way to jack your car up whether you are on soft sand, squelchy mud or any other surface, so that you can change a punctured wheel for the spare.
The standard jack that comes with most cars is perfectly fine if you are on a flat, solid surface, but for those who love off roading you generally aren’t on a solid surface! If you try using a standard jack on sand, for example, as you try to raise the car, the bottom of the jack would simply be sinking into the ground. Even if you managed to lift the car sufficiently, it wouldn’t be very safe as it would be resting on an unstable surface. In these situations you need something with a bigger surface area on the ground while also not taking up too much storage space and is powerful enough to lift the vehicle. An air jack is perfect in these situations.
An air jack is basically a plastic bag that can be inflated either using a pipe connected to the exhaust while you rev the engine, or a air compressor or pump. You simply put it in place beneath the Axa Car Insurance car, inflate it by whatever mechanism it uses and it raises the car. This then enables you to change the tyre if necessary, or helps free the car if you are just stuck in some mud or soft sand.
When considering safety, it is important to think about the way you personally use your car. If your 4×4 is always used on good road surfaces then you don’t need an air jack as the standard version will work fine. However if you spend any time off roading on a variety of surfaces, then you need Van Covers to consider what you would do if you became stuck or suffered a puncture. Calling a mobile tyre fitting service out when you’re in a muddy field somewhere in the middle of nowhere is not an option! So you need to be able to handle the situation yourself and an air jack makes it much easier.

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