Traveling in Style – Is it For You?

Traveling in Style – Is it For You?

Some of us have to travel for business while others merely travel on holiday once a year. Some of us don’t travel at all and stay at home. One of the most popular ways to travel is on an airplane. They cut journey times and can get you half way round the world in only 24 hours. Airplane travel is split into several different cabins. You have economy, economy plus, first class and business. For those of us who can’t afford to travel business (at double the price of an economy ticket) here is what we are missing out on.

* For starters business class has a lot more space than economy class. On long haul flights business class passengers will even be privileged to lie on flat beds. In fact on one certain long haul airline they even have ottomans (posh foot stalls for you, dearie) to rest those weary feet. These lie flat beds allow for a goodnight’s sleep and also have privacy blinds so you don’t have to listen to the person next to you snoring!

* The in-flight entertainment. With more movies, CDs, radio stations and entertainment programs you will be the envy of the economy class. These TVs are controlled by you so you can choose what you watch and when. You even get top of the range headphones for you to listen to the TV without hearing anything around you, unlike the poor souls in economy who have to suffer with the basic equivalent. The seats also have a power socket for the discerning business man who needs to work on the flight. You can simply plug your laptop into the socket and away you go. You can even access the internet.

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* Of course no flight is complete without a spot of dinner. When you are in business class you are able to choose from not two, not three but a whole range of meals which will usually be made for you by an in-flight chef. There is also a self-service bar for a range of different snack should you get hungry at midflight.

* Amenity bags are often given out to business class passengers, too. These bags include such items as eye shades, blanket, socks, toothbrush, ear plugs and even lip balms. This is to ensure that you have a pleasant flight and travel in the utmost of comfort.

Most airlines offer an in-flight duty free shopping service. They often sell perfumes, make up etc. They also sell ties and cufflinks which can be very handy for a business man who has been caught unaware. Some businessmen are asked to fly out to far off destinations at the last minute so don’t have time to pack. This is a perfect opportunity to grab some ties, cufflinks and any other accessory they need to impress their potential clients.

Traveling in style can be a very exciting way to get about but for some traveling at all is a thrill so take a minute to think about all of those people who are taking their first flight and how exciting your first trip on a plane was. Happy flying!