Top 7 Things You Must Know When Selling a Used Car

Planning to sell your used car? Here Car Models List A-Z are some things you must know:
1.) Not too low, not too high- Before you calculate a selling price for your car, it is important to get it valuated from an expert. You can either visit used car showrooms to get your vehicle evaluated or you can log on to online vehicle valuation sites and get an approx. value for your car. Also inquire about the retail value of your vehicle. Consider all these figures, and then decide on a viable selling price for your used car.
2.) Looks matter- ‘Love at first sight’ this idiom stands true especially when it comes to wooing prospective buyers. Your car should make the best first impression even though it is old and used. Give your car a complete makeover – get all the dents/bumps removed, minor repairs, washing, polishing etc. Your car should be in excellent condition if you want to get the best price for it. However if there is a major problem you might need to compromise on the selling price.
3.) Advertising is important- List your car on all vehicle buying sites, advertise in newspapers under the classified section and so on. Even though it is an added expense, advertising allows you to reach out to the maximum number of potential buyers. Selling your car privately can get you a better price than trading it with a car dealer.
4.) Be careful- Never hand over the original documents to the buyer without completing the legal documentation process. Your Car documents are the only proof of your car ownership, and giving them to strangers can land you in trouble. In case you are selling your car through a dealer, provide them with a photocopy of the documents and not the original papers.
5.) Transfer of insurance and ownership title- Once the deal is through, avoid indefinite or long delays in completing the final processing. Ensure that the vehicle is transferred to the other person’s name at the earliest and all the legal formalities are completed. In case the car is sold to a garage, take the sale deed and submit a copy of the same to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
6.) Limit your Liability- Ensure receipt of complete payment before handing over the vehicle. Make no future commitments written or verbal regarding Clear Protective Film For Cars the vehicle, whatsoever. Once the insurance and ownership transfer is made, any damage/loss or accident is the responsibility of the new buyer.
7.) Keep a margin for haggling – A general rule while pricing your car is to ask for 5-8% more than your expected price. Since most buyers will try to bargain and get the price lowered, it is best to leave a margin for this beforehand. This will allow you to reduce the price and still get your car’s worth and also keep the buyer happy.
With just a little bit of planning and effort, you can find the right buyer for your car and get the best value for it.

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