Top 5 Most Expensive Cars

Having a car is something to be proud of. It is everyone’s dream. Nevertheless, owning one of the most expensive cars in the world would something to brag about. The influential people and celebrities can only afford to get one. For them, it can never be a problem because they have the money but for the middle class individuals they should think twice.
Investing for this kind of possessions not only for how much money you spend but the value and worth you get. Some may use it as a means of commodity and some would prefer to use it depending on the feature and speed of the car. Somewhat owning an expensive car can definitely bring new meaning to your life.
Let’s get to know the top 5 most luxurious cars in the world.
• Koenigsegg How Much Does Third Party Insurance Cover Trevita
This Swedish-made car happens to be the most expensive car in the world. Priced at $2.21 millions – it has only three units made and all of them are fully finished with diamond carbon. Entirely capable of diamond weave body work, carbon ceramic brakes, and hydraulic lifting. For this car, its machine is made with a special engine which can be suited for immense qualification and speed.
• Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport
Named as the fastest roadster, the Bugatti Veyron is made with two varieties. One is the Grand Sport, and the other is the coupe version. The difference between the two is that the coupe version is less expensive compared to the Grand Sport. The cost of $2 million can blow you away. This state of the art car is made with 16 cylinder engines and has 2.7 inch LCD mirror. Tom Cruise is seen driving one of these while leaving an awards show.
• Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster
This $1.8 million car is something to get for collector’s collector’s items. Since it has only five units available in the market, the Pagani Zonda is one hell of an automotive to get. Highest possible speed can reach for up to 217 mph and in 3.4 seconds for 100 kms/hour. The body is made with unique substance such as carbon body and titanium & magnesium for the suspension.
• Lamborghini Revent?�n Roadster
The name Lamborghini is known to be the most popular roadster in the entire world. Italian automotive manufacturers have built cars known especially for their speed. Lightweight and priced at $1.56 million – another addition within the Lamborghini family, this one can reach for up to 340 kms/hour and is made with carbon fiber with V12 650 HP engine.
• Lamborghini Top Automotive Companies In Chennai Revent?�n
It’s the same as the Roadster but with a small difference. Manufactured first than the Roadster, the Lamborghini Revent?�n was manufactured with only 20 units available. Something unique about this car because it uses black aluminium rim and made through the inspiration of a fighter aircraft. It is also known to be light weighted and costs at $1.42 million.

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