Top 3 Car Safety Features

When considering a new automobile purchase or lease, safety features are top of mind, especially for families. Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW C-Class sedans have comparable pricing in the $31000 to $65500 range, and similar safety features. The top three automobile safety features for C-Class sedans are airbags, brake systems, and seat belts. For Mercedes-Benz India, Audi, and BMW sedans, all in the same MSRP range, the three models are similar on these safety features with a couple of notable exceptions.
MSRP Price Range $32900 to $55300
The Mercedes-Benz has 6 driver and passenger airbags, 4 wheel anti-lock braking system, Neck-Pro crash-responsive head restraints, 3-point driver and front passenger shoulder belts, including height Largest Car Manufacturer 2018 adjustment, emergency tensioning, adaptive belt force limiter, rear 3-point seat belts, including outboard emergency tensioning, outboard belt force limiter, and outboard automatic height.
MSRP Price Range $31000 to $58000
The Audi has driver, passenger, side head, and rear head air bags, passenger airbag on/off switch, traction control, front 3-point seat belts, including auto pretensioners and belt force limiters, and rear 3-point seat belts with auto pretensioners. MSRP Price Range $33600 to $66500 The BMW has driver, passenger, side head, and rear head air bags, passenger airbag on/off switch, 4 wheel ABS, traction control, brake assist, all-position 3-point safety belts, including front pretensioners, ALR in all passenger positions, and latch attachments for rear seats.
While all three models have 3-point seat belts, the Audi does not have 4 wheel anti-lock braking system as do the other two, and both the Audi and BMW have head airbags where the Mercedes has airbags and crash-responsive head restraints. Although not protecting as wide an area as curtain How To Start A Car Dealership In South Africa airbags, head airbags do offer extra protection during crashes by deploying between the head and window, but head restraints are reusable and can be reset after being deployed. Anti-lock brake systems provide extra control and improved safety in difficult braking situations.
Mercedes-Benz offers a reusable head protection feature that protects head, neck, and spine in the event of a crash, as well as airbags, a 4 wheel anti-lock braking system, and 3-point safety belts for driver and passenger protection. For the price range it falls into, Mercedes-Benz offers the added value of a unique standard safety feature not offered in other similar c-class sedans, even higher-priced models. When considering c-class sedan style, price, performance, and safety, the Mercedes-Benz provides a safety advantage to drivers and passengers.

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