Tips on How to Sell a Used Car

There are several options that are available to you when you want to sell a used car. You can sell it on your own if you have the time, or you can elect a dealer to do it for you. When you sell it privately, you can make more money than when sold through a dealer. This is because you will pay no commission to a dealer and you are able to convince the prospective buyer to buy at a higher price. On the other hand, selling a used car through a dealer may be preferable when you want to sell a used car quickly. The following are some instructions you can follow in this process.
1. Ensure that your car is very clean. Clear it out and repair minor defects. Otherwise, you will have to reduce your asking price. A clean car will always fetch a better price than a dirty one.
2. Have the car examined by a qualified mechanic. This can help you determine the price of the car and know of any Second Hand Family Cars For Sale defects the car might have. Some buyers take advantage of defects in the car in order to push down the price.
3. Before you sell a used car, research its value and compare what other similar cars have fetched. This comparison will give you a realistic price for your car. Leave room to bargain your price.
4. Let the market know of your intention to sell your used car. An ad in the local daily, the internet or any other forum that can get the word out can be used. You can use photos of your car on the internet by creating a website. Highlight the selling points of the car in your advertisement.
5. You can run a history of the car, which you can then give to prospective buyers.
6. Ensure you have all the documents of title to the car in order. Consult your local DMV about the paperwork that is required in your city or state.
7. Before you let any of the prospective buyers test-drive the car, confirm that they have a valid driving license. Some buyers may ask to have their own mechanic check the car. You can prove Graco Slimfit 3-In-1 Convertible Car Seat to the buyer that the car was recently checked by producing the receipt or work order. As a word of caution, you should hold on to the prospective buyers car keys while they are test-driving.
8. Once you reach an agreement to sell your used car, insist on being paid using a certified check or cash. Do not agree to be paid in installments or personal checks that might not be honored by the bank.
9. The parties involved in the transaction should sign the bill of sale form. This form should be duplicated so that each of the parties keeps a copy. As the seller, you should sign over the title and prepare a liability release form. You should cancel your insurance so that it will not be liable in case anything happens after the sale is done. Always add in the sale agreement ‘car sold in “as is’ condition without guarantee or warranty” unless there are other arrangements.
10. Many of us have things in the car for our own comfort such as CD holders and accessories. Do not sell a used car with these valued possessions. You might require them in your next car. Remember to remove the license plates before your car is driven off. This guarantees you against any problems that might occur after the sale. The bill of sale will prove the ownership until the car is registered under the new owner.

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