The Things Clothes Say About You

The Things Clothes Say About You

What do the clothes you wear today say about you? When you are on the street, with so many people around what is the first reaction you get? Are the others smiling, staring at you, pointing, laughing, looking away or simply ignoring you as if they never saw you? You might not like this truth, but people judge a product through its cover. It might not seem fair to you that people develop an impression of your personality by your clothes, but it is entirely true that through your clothes you share an entire personality about who you are and how you want to be perceived by others.

Current fashion trends are not in favor of decency and appropriate dressing, instead they encourage revealing clothes for women and teenagers. These are made up of astonishingly falling decolletages, mini tops, miniskirts and short-shorts and other appealing clothing styles that leave little to imagination. The clothes someone wears daily says a lot about who they are, their estimated level of education, income or social status and more than that and which is more important, their level of self-esteem.

Your self-esteem and self-respect are visible through everything you do, starting from your clothing. It is easy to judge someone’s self-respect by the way she or he dresses, are groomed and adorned. It is your appearance that speaks to people about how you want to be treated. It is therefore vital that you don’t leave the house without looking the successful person you always imagined you would be.

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When women dress in an inadequate, seductive style, they shouldn’t be surprised when they get less respect from men, than women dressed more modestly do. Before deciding on your outfit for the day, it is important to consider carefully how you want to be viewed and how you want your intentions be interpreted.

At the same type, choosing the smart clothing that makes you feel smart is a better choice. You might have not noticed but trainers get athletes dress in shirt and tie on the day of the game. That is because they know that the better the man is dressed, the better he feels about himself and therefore will better perform on the field. Do the same and think positively and you will notice everyone around being positive about you too!