The Safest Minicabs and Chauffeur Cars in the World

It does not matter whether you are a professional driver providing minicab or chauffeur hire services or you have a growing family, safety is always a major concern when buying your next car.
Not all cars are made equal and this is especially true where safety is concerned. When considering the most safe car there are a number of ranking factors. If you are buying a car because you want to use it as Marketplace Cars a minicab or chauffeur car you will want a vehicle that is comfortable, economical and safe. Motor insurance companies use safety ratings and the premium you pay will partly be based on how safe your car is.
In fact most companies actually have accident records of vehicles to gauge safety and they also use crash test dummy results as well. So by buying a car that is considered safe by the insurance companies you can actually save a lot of money.
The safety of a car is mainly measured against two factors the first one being the ability of the car to prevent an accident taking place. The second is crash durability and measures the ability of the car to withstand a crash.
Independent agencies test the safety of cars and in the UK this responsibility is held by the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), which Publicly Traded Car Manufacturers tests the safety of all new cars and awards them with a star rating. Each car is judged on adult, child and pedestrian safety and safety assist.
As a minicab or chauffeur driver you may also be interested in other safety factors such as driving position, the better the position the easier it is to see obstacles and manoeuvre. The acceleration of a car although not an obvious safety feature, can actually assist in safely joining traffic.
A favourite with many London chauffeur companies the Audi A4 does not disappoint it is considered one of the safest 4 door saloons on the market. It gained an overall 5 star rating in 2009 and performed well on adult safety scoring 93%.
Another popular choice of many chauffeur companies is the BMW 5-Series and for good reason. This car also received a 5 star rating by NCAP and performed even better than the Audi with a score of 95% on adult safety. The BMW 5-Series was also given an award by NCAP for its BMW Assist Advanced eCall. This handy piece of technology is an automatic emergency call system which predicts the likely severity of occupants’ injuries. Not only this, the system contacts a BMW call centre and provides detailed information about the accident and its precise location.
The Honda Accord is used by many London minicab drivers and was also given a 5 star rating in 2009. It did not perform quite as well as the Audi and BMW, but still obtained a not to be sniffed at 86% adult protection score. It is also more affordable than the other two models. Even though it is a little cheaper it still managed to bag an NCAP award for its Collision Mitigation Brake System, which is basically a radar-based autonomous emergency braking device. The system is designed to help prevent rear-end collisions with vehicles which are stationary or travelling in the same direction it can apply tension to passenger seatbelts and emergency braking if needed.
The benefits of a safe car give you peace of mind that you and your passengers are safe and not only this; annual premiums will be reduced as well.

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