The Old Cars Clunkers Bill – Who Does it Hurt?

The bill states that if you have a car built prior to 1984 and it get less than 18mpg that you can trade it in to a dealer and get a vehicle with better gas mileage and get Hyundai Venue Build And Price a rebate of up to $4500. Sounds like a winner for many especially the car manufactures. But what about others that depend on vehicles that are older and uses more fuel?
While saving fuel is a goal, there are many stations that sell fuel that depend on selling fuel. American’s are driving less now and older vehicles are supporting some of the stations.
The auto parts stores that stock parts for older vehicles where many people work on the vehicles themselves will suffer. The newer vehicles are not able to be worked on by most people with all the computer parts you have no choice to take it into a shop.
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The smaller auto mechanic shops will suffer. Many of these shops can not afford to invest in the computer equipment that the newer cars require. Already these newer computerized vehicles have replaced many of the shade tree mechanics.
People may be flocking to the dealers to trade in their gas guzzlers and purchase new vehicles; this may be help out the car manufactures but may hurt just as many other industries at the same time.
Part of American history will be destroyed if this bill passes – history that we will never get back car values for old classic vehicles will be increase dramatically and they will be harder to purchase.

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