The New “Range Rover Evoque,” A Female Perspective

There has been loads of press coverage on the release of this car, with a lot of focus on Victoria Beckham’s involvement in the design of the trim and interior. Automotive Industry News 2019 This may be enough to make female drivers in particular quite excited, but there is more to this car than celebrity involvement to get excited about.
It is frequently being referred to as ‘the new baby Range Rover’ but it’s not just smaller in size (which does make it easier to park, always a plus!) The Evoque is also cheaper than the average Range Rover – the lead-in price is under A�30k and goes up to around A�45K, which is over half the price of the ‘big’ Range Rover. It is also greener with CO2 emissions between less than 130g/km and 199g/km. This car is the perfect choice for those who are both economically and environmentally conscientious.
The Evoque is available in both 2WD and 4WD, and also 3 and 5 door models. Plus it’s available in 12 different colours, with 16 contrasting interiors, various trim levels, and the potential for a panoramic glass roof. There are numerous combination’s available to you, which can be tailored to your budget, taste and needs. The petrol alternative only comes in 4WD automatic form and is only available with the Dynamic trim which costs from A�38,995. All of this encourages drivers to opt for the greener diesel versions and why not? With more miles to the gallon than petrol, cars fuelled by diesel are looking more and more economically attractive.
The design of the Evoque has impressed the motoring world to such a degree that it has been awarded Car Design News Production Car Design of the Year 2010 which was presented to the Land Rover Design Director the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. Not surprising as this is a total change from Land Rover’s normal style; introducing a coupe version is definitely seeing the Range Rover as a fashionable choice, not just a practical choice. So for female drivers everywhere, listen up! Range Rover’s aren’t just for men or farmers, they’re for everyone.
Victoria Beckham’s designs add to the sophistication that this car has, and she has clearly also brought along her experience as a busy, working mother to produce a stylish yet practical everyday car. Her eye for style combines luxury fabrics with trendy contrasting colour choices.
The brilliant, innovative car design that accompanies her influence gives drivers an exciting new choice when considering buying an SUV. So think Automotive Technology News about choosing the Evoque as your next car; Land Rover has branched out to give the average driver a car that ticks all the right boxes.

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