The Hen Party – The Masked Ball

The Hen Party – The Masked Ball

It does not have necessarily to be Halloween to have the occasion to wear a mask. You may throw a really unique hen party in the form of a masked ball. You can, for instance, choose a theme and have masks follow and elaborate on it. If you and your pals are rock and roll fans, you may choose a musical theme such as ‘you rock my world’, and wear any rock celebrity masks relevant to you, from Elvis to the hard rocker Ozzy Osbourne. It would be intriguing to be all dressed as men on this last celebration of single women, and the bride to be may choose any of the sparkling king costumes worn by Elvis, covered with eye-catching spangles. And when you get tired of all that beating and bouncing, you may switch to intellectual game mood – playing ‘guess who’, each of you having to guess what mask they are wearing by asking the right questions. For sure, you’ll have a lot of fun!

Or if you would rather celebrate seriously and formally the wedding party to come, you can surprise the future bride by ordering (using her picture and the one of her fianc?�) their personalized masks and wearing them – as so many replicas of the bride and groom – matched with the wedding gown and suit, and have the ball in a dance hall with mirrors. The effect will be definitely stunning!

If you prefer literature to rock or real life, you may order different personalized masks, after choosing the theme of your ball. You may settle even for a ball such as the one in ‘Gone with the Wind’, with the ‘mourning’ Scarlet – Vivien Leigh – hardly disguising her unconquerable desire to dance and the dashing captain Butler – Clark Gable – betting to have her as his dancing partner. It shouldn’t be difficult to get the masks of such famous actors. And you may even play afterwards ‘bet on having me’, using instead of money the hen party accessories.

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Needless to say that themed hen parties involving a ball may go from formal gatherings with political figures (and if you have a stance on any global issue, they are worth trying!) to something as remote as animal playing – and wouldn’t it be funny to impersonate that animal magnetism from ‘Dinner with Schmucks’? The sexual dimension would be also appropriate for the occasion. But no outfit would work 100%, if not spiced up by the right hen party accessories, masks in this case.

So whatever form your dancing hen party is to take – formal, casual or both – choose the appropriate masks for playing make-believe as creative adults would do!