The Essentials of a Safe Car

It is probably safe to say that most people are interested in a safe car. Certain car companies rely on their reputation as makers of quality, safe vehicles to remain top sellers. Companies pour millions of dollars into expert testing and add additional new safety features with just about every new model of every type of car they put on the market. But what exactly is it that makes a car truly safe?
For one thing, no car, no matter how well tested and safety feature equipped it may be is free of danger. Driving is inherently an extremely dangerous activity and should never be taken lightly. Even if you are driving around in a tank, you should always keep your eyes and ears on the road and be ready to maneuver past any dangerous situation that may arise.
The Break Target Market For Car Dealerships Down
The first additional safety devices provided for cars were seat belts. At the time they were widely regarded as a nuisance and few people even wore them at all. In fact, at first only cop cars and other emergency vehicles even had them at all! Then airbags were introduced. Since the inception of airbags, car safety technology has exploded.
Your car may already have all the bells and whistles of Rear Facing Car Seat Laws By State auto safety, but here are a few of the essentials:
o Airbags-there are now airbags for the side, passenger seat, rear passengers and additional areas. All are helpful in the case of a crash, but front airbags are an absolute must.
o Structural integrity-the main core of your vehicle is what is really going to protect you in the case of a serious crash in which the car is totaled. Research the strength of the frame before purchasing any vehicle.
o Stability control-features such as with Electronic Stability Control or ESC help with stability and can better your chances of avoiding a rollover accident.
o Anti-lock braking system or ABS-many people choose to ignore their cars when their EBS light turns on because it is not essential to the function of a vehicle. But while you will still be able to brake without it, ABS keeps cars from locking during panic breaking such as right before a possible wreck. It is particularly important during inclement weather when the car may be on wet or icy surfaces.

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