The Danger of Dogs in Hot Cars

We have always been told, “Everyone makes mistakes”. This is true no matter whom we are speaking of, be civilian or law enforcement. Just last summer there were at least three separate instances that were well covered by the press of law enforcement animals that died while in the care of their handler. These dogs did not die directly in the line of duty, but rather they were left in sweltering patrol cars. In these three Top 10 Indian Cars instances, the deaths were accidental, but this stands to prove that everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of hot cars to dogs. In one of these instances, the officer was so distraught that the K-9 officers died in his care he attempted to take his own life. How easy is it for a civilian to make this mistake when it can happen to law enforcement officers, those we call when we see a pet in distress in a hot car?
As the topic of pets in hot cars has become increasingly more talked about in recent years, so have the measures to protect pets. Currently there are 14 states that have laws with stiff penalties for leaving an animal unattended in a car. Beyond the state level, there are many municipalities that have adopted their own laws regarding cruelty to animals and specifically Trade In Cars For Sale dogs in cars. These penalties can range from fines to up to a year of jail time. There are also guidelines for the action that can be taken by security personnel or law enforcement that are called to respond to an animal in distress call. In most cases, the law enforcement is allowed to use “necessary force” to remove the animal from the situation.
The need for pet owners to be aware of the danger of leaving pets in hot cars is great. Considering all the outcomes of leaving a dog in a hot car, the worst would be to loose your companion, face fines and or jail time and have to pay for the damage to your car from law enforcement’s rescue attempt. It is not worth all that could go wrong. So when you are deciding whether to take your pet in the car, plan ahead and make sure there will not be a time when you will leave them unattended. In addition, for those pets that are quite and or sleep in the car, take one more glance to make sure that you have not forgotten to take them out of the car.

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