The Best Hen Party At The Local Club

The Best Hen Party At The Local Club

Why would the future bride choose to celebrate her last night as a free woman with a crazy party at the club, instead of just having her friends over for a cup of tea at home? First of all, because it’s probably going to be the last time she will be dancing without a ring on her finger. Also, she needs to have some wild fun with her best friends before taking such an important step in life. She needs to have a night to remember – and what better way to do that then have her hen party at her favorite pub or club?

Some of the bride’s friends should get together and plan the party: choose the place, the entertainment, decide on a special theme for the party and send out the invitations. A place that’s familiar to everyone is usually the best choice. The girls have to feel as comfortable as possible and be in a good mood. You don’t want to have petty arguments or boring conversations about work issues.

Use your imagination and find the best theme for the hen night. A good way to get women to have fun and lose their inhibitions is to have a costume party. Girls love fairy tales and fictional characters, so it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them to wear fancy dresses.

What future bride wouldn’t appreciate a romantic or mysterious hen do, like a carnival where everyone wears masks. Or you can relate to a favorite story or cartoon character and have all the girls dye their hair or wear a smurf costume. It’s not even that hard, you can pretty much make the costume yourself using some blue face paint and some special gnome accessories like hats and tights.

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Also, you can take a more daring approach and decide to dress up naughty, as a nurse, police officer or school girl. It doesn’t really matter what your theme will be, the important thing is that they all enjoy themselves and help create a perfect night for the bride. So just choose an interesting an original theme for the hen party and fun is sure to come.