The American Car Industry is in Trouble

With the American car industry the way it is after the recent economic crisis, many people are shying away from the once big American automotive players in fear of insecurity of buying a car from one of those companies. The main worry would be the lack of technical support in terms of warranties, servicing Cartrade and the availability of car parts should the companies fail to remain standing in the future despite already receiving bailout funds. Also, resale values of cars from companies in trouble would plunge greatly which also affects the perception on a great number of American brands these days.
It is quite evident that the car industry in the USA has long been dominated by Japanese carmakers as the names Toyota and Honda resound more prominently than Chrysler or Buick. One of the main reasons to this would be the affordability and reliability of the Japanese cars which more often exceed rather than match those of the American models and that is definitely a winning combination in any industry. Buyers love to know that what they buy can last a long time and in times of need, parts will be in abundance due to big numbers on the road and the Japanese have already created a platform the Americans will find almost impossible to topple.
Many cars by makes like Buick, Ford and Chevrolet are actually rather attractive physically and in the packages they come in but some wonder why these makes always struggle against Asian makes especially the Japanese big two. One of the main reasons contributing to the lack of trust in these brands are the car parts which might not be available in abundance Buy Second Hand Car as compared to those of Hondas or Toyotas due to the simple fact that there are more of those makes on the roads these days which call for larger stocks on their parts. Another reason is that some distinctive styling, displayed at the latest car shows, would result in some parts costing slightly more than average, a price not many are willing to pay.

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