Tata to Launch Electric Mini Truck in the UK

Indian car manufacturer Tata have been developing an all-electric version of their popular light commercial vehicle- the Ace- and plan to launch the Ace EV in March. The world’s first electric pickup, first unveiled at the Zaragosa in 2008, will debut in the UK, with Scandinavian nations due to receive the EV thereafter.
The zero emission Ace is powered by an 85 Ah battery that produces 25kW of maximum power and a top speed of 25mph. With only a 25 mile range, on the European Combined Drive Cycle, the Ace EV is designed primarily for use by Local Authorities in town centres, parks and university campuses. It’s estimated that the EV will reduce CO2 by around 50%, or 130g/km, compared to a similar sized petrol powered vehicle.
The small electric truck was developed at Tata’s European Technical Centre in Coventry which received a A�10 million loan in 2009 from the Government as part of the Automotive Assistance Programme Automobile Industry In India designed to encourage the manufacture of electric cars in the UK. The Ace EV, and the battery powered Tata Indica Vista hatchback, are both built at the manufacturers West Midlands plant.
Tata, who are the fourth largest manufacturer of medium to heavy commercial vehicles in the world, plan to produce a faster 3,500kg GVW for launch in two years’ time.
India does not have a sufficient EV infrastructure and will not be receiving the Ace EV, a contrast to the UK who has a sufficient EV support Disadvantages Of Paint Protection Film network and strong incentives to go green. The Ace EV will initially be available directly, and not from any commercial dealership.

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