SYNC Continues to Provide More Services Without Fees For Ford Drivers

SYNC is becoming known for more services without more fees, which is something more and more Cleveland Ford drivers are beginning to take advantage of. Horoscopes, moving listings, access to airlines, rental cars and hotels as well as stock quotes are all available with a simple voice command for drivers of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles equipped with the SYNC app, Traffic, Directions and Information. The best part is customers didn’t even have to purchase anything extra in order to get this service. All that was needed was an active owner account on and a set of new services was at their fingertips.
Ford Motor Company expanded SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information services to include stock quotes, entertainment, travel and movie categories for its customers. Customers were already getting traffic information, driving directions, news and business search capabilities and the expansion was completely free. The new SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information services are provided by Microsoft Tellme, a partner in Ford’s cloud-based Service Delivery Network, which gives owners Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles equipped with SYNC immediate access to the enhanced Traffic, Directions and Information services.
The new SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information categories offer many offers. Here are some of the new categories and what they offer Cleveland Ford drivers.
• Stocks: The stocks category allows users to request specific information regarding the stock market such as the high and low of the day and of a 52-week period, the share volume, market cap and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. All the user has to do is say a company’s name and they will receive real-time stock quotes from SYNC.
• Movies: The movies category allows customers to search for movie theaters near their current location or city they provide. The SYNC movie category also allows users to receive a list of new releases and request Car Seat Jakarta movie times at any location for today, tomorrow or the following day. Customers can also say a movie name and automatically receive the rating information and view the theaters where the movie is playing.
• Horoscopes: The horoscopes category allows users to speak any astrological sign and hear their daily horoscope. They can also hear a list of all the astrological signs to choose from.
• Travel: The travel category allows customers to directly connect to 150 airlines, the 50 largest hotel chains and the 11 largest rental car agencies in the United States through voice command.
Other categories in the SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information service that were already available to customers includes Turn-by-Turn directions, personalized real-time traffic updates with text alerts, a business search, entertainment, news, sports, travel information and weather forecasts. All the services are activated through a voice command system over the customer’s vehicle auto system using advanced sensors, integrated GPS technology and a comprehensive map and traffic data.
Other features of SYNC include:
• A vehicle health report that’s activated by the voice command “vehicle health.” It shows you vehicle diagnostics, scheduled maintenance information and recall information and let’s you schedule service online at .
• 911 Assist, which uses your mobile phone to put you directly in touch with a 911 operator. If you’re unable to speak, SYNC 911 Assist delivers an emergency message to the operator for you. When the feature is on, 911 Assist calls 911 for you if your airbag deploys and if the emergency fuel pump shut-off is activated. However, it also gives users the chance to cancel the call before it dials, in case you don’t need emergency assistance.
• Media Player Support allows users to control their music hands-free with voice commands, so they can concentrate on the road, not adjusting the radio.
• The Making Calls feature allows customers to make phone calls hands free. First you have to pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to SYNC, simply say “Dial” and SYNC will call the number for you.
The SYNC features are now available for subscription activation on select 2010 and 2011 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models (Focus, Fusion, Flex, Expedition, F150, SuperDuty, Sport-Trac, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Automotive Manufacturing Industry Outlook Mustang, Taurus, Milan, Mountaineer, MKS, MKX, MKZ, Navigator and Mariner) in the United States only. SYNC offers a complimentary three-year subscription for owners of new SYNC-equipped vehicles.

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