Summertime Is the Right Time to Make It to Michigan’s Woodward Dream Cruise

Held annually on the third Saturday in August since 1995, the Woodward Dream Cruise pulls in over 40,000 cars – from vintage to classic to the latest high performance models. The days are counting down for the big 2011 Dream Negotiate Service At Dealership Cruise – which will be held in the Detroit area on Saturday August 20, 2011!! You can come earlier and see plenty of the cars, listen to some great music, and eat some great food, if you like! ( and you should!! )
If you aren’t from the Motor City or have never been, Woodward Avenue is the absolute ultimate cruise strip. Running approximately 25 miles from downtown Detroit out to Pontiac, it is 4 lanes wide in each direction, with a huge median in the middle, and a ton of places along the way to stop and eat or shop. Or park.
From my perspective, the Cruise starts around 9 Mile Road and runs north out to Wide Track Drive in Pontiac – which is a 16 mile trek! Wide Track was conveniently made as a loop around the city of Pontiac, and so you just stay on it and head back south to do it all over again! All along the way as you drive either direction, are cars cruising, cars parked, and people checking out cars. Over a million and a half of us!!
Many of the cities along the way close off their side streets and let the classics park, and the people can walk around and see so many of them up close and personal. Of course there’s food and drink to be had there as well. Life just doesn’t get any better. To sit along Woodward and watch the muscle cars, old and new, cruise by – and listen to the engines – is the best!
If you can break away, take the opportunity and cruise on over to Detroit this August and check it out in person. If you are interested, you can probably bring up their site and take a look at before you go, just to get an idea. If you are one of the 40,000 actually with a classic ride or rod, check out Consumer Trends In Automotive Industry the many aftermarket auto accessories webstores for any last minute upgrades or goodies. There is such a wealth of vehicle logo merchandise to be had, even if you’re just driving your Mom’s Buick Special! So, don’t delay, get revved up today – and try to make the trek to one of these great shows.

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