Special Parties For The Future Brides

Special Parties For The Future Brides

When thinking about a hen night, the first image that springs to most people’s mind is that of a bunch of women having fun in a bar. Still, there is much more to it than that, as this is a time for friendship, fond memories and saying goodbye to the life you’ve known up to that point. And of course, things can get a bit crazy, but only if you let (and want) them to.

Organizing a bachelorette bash is no picnic, that’s something that every former maid of honor can tell you. You have to pick a location, a caterer, a DJ and handle many of the problems that may occur, while at the same time being there for your friend, the bride. Nevertheless, throughout all of this, the one thing you should remember is that a hen party is supposed to be fun for the bride as well as the guests, so how you plan it really makes the difference.

For instance, if the future wife is an active woman, with a passion for sports, she might not be into the classic night out with the girls, clubbing and dancing. In that case, you might be better off planning something special, like a couple of days rafting in the Colorado area or a camping trip. After all, what can cause people to bond more than being stranded in the middle of nowhere, having to fight both the elements and their fears?

Another good idea, this time a more sentimental one, would be having an adult slumber party that you can organize at your house or even at the bride’s. Tell all your friends to bring their pajamas or nightgowns, a sleeping bag and a pillow. Provide comfort food, such as pizza or homemade pasta and cupcakes, but don’t forget about the drinks either. Then, enjoy the comfort of having all of your friends over, and spend your time giving each other manicures and talking about current and past boyfriends.

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In the end, whatever option you go for, remember that this night is an important one for the bride-to-be, one she will certainly remember for a long time. Try to avoid all conflicts and contradictions and allow yourselves to relax and forget about the outside world stress and especially the wedding-related problems.