Smart Car Price – Wise Chioce

When looking at a smart car price know whether you are looking at the Chrysler version or the Mercedes price tag. The Chrysler version has a MSRP of $11,990.
The 2009 model comes standard with 1.0 L 70 hp 3 cylinder engine with a 5 speed automated manual transmission. The front wheels are 155/60 Amazon Car Shine R15 while the rear are 175/55 R15. Each tire has a pressure monitoring system to help the driver know if there has been a puncture.
The features of the exterior include a solid roof, projector beam halogen headlights with side indicators that are yellow.
The interior features include a 2 spoke leather steering wheel, basic seats with weight detection and seat belt recognition. The passenger seat is capable of lay flat for additional storage space and there is storage space on both doors and behind the steering wheel. There is also a mirror standard on the passenger side sun visor.
The safety features include full size driver and passenger air bags, head and neck side airbags, an electronic stability program for assisting the starting of the vehicle on a hill. Cars For Sale 5000 To 10000 The braking system is a dual hydraulic system. The door locking is controlled by an auto activation that locks both doors while in gear. There is a panic button on the key.
The windows and mirrors are manually controlled and there are both front and rear window wipers with wash capabilities.
Extras that cost more are Air-conditioning for $600, an alarm system for $160, power steering for $450 and heated seats for $220.
This is what most American dealers are offering on Smart car price for the year 2009.

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