Signs You Shouldn’t Buy That Car

It’s no surprise that when you ask people what they think of when they hear used car dealership they imagine some dirty gravel parking lot with a bunch of cars in an unorganized pile. I mean, Covermates Car Cover isn’t that what most dealerships look like? Well, although that may be what dealerships looked like back then, most used car dealers are working hard to get that image out of people’s minds.

So what if the dealer that you go see has a lot like the one I’ve described. Would you still buy the car that brought you to the lot? Here are a few things to look for in a used car:

How does the car sit?

Does it have a weird lean, or doesn’t seem to be sitting quite right? This may be an indication that something’s not as it should be.

How does it First Time Car Buyers handle?

Another thing to consider is how it handles. If the car doesn’t feel like it’s handling quite like a car should, I’d look into something else.

Any weird noises?

Few people pay that much attention to the sound of their car, but if there’s an unusual noise then a number of problems could be in the works. Try to avoid cars that make a clunking or popping noise.

Overall when buying a car you should go with your gut. If you have a weird feeling about the car, it’s not the car for you (the car could be perfectly fine, but it’s just not exactly what you are looking for).

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Another major thing to remember is that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you buy a car for $1,000, you aren’t getting the same quality car you’d be getting for $20,000, and it’s unfair to expect the $1,000 to last just as long.