Should You Go With A Taxi Or Limo?

You might find the headline for this article a bit odd, particularly since we are a taxi website. Don’t. It is a legitimate question, particularly in some cities.
What happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, what happens is I usually blow most of my hard earned cash and it definitely stays there while I return to try to earn more. Such is life.
Despite the obscene amount of money I’ve spent in the City of Sin, I have picked up a few good things. Here’s a key one. A limo ride in the city costs about the same amount as a cab. Shocked? I was. I used to take cabs around everywhere till a friend turned me on to the fact. Now I roll around like a bigwig. Give it a try the next time you are there.
This also points out the limo versus taxi issue. Let’s be honest. Limos are much nicer. Most people assume that they are thus more expensive. This isn’t necessarily true. Many are, but there are also companies that specialize in short term, local driving services that offer very fair rates. While Vegas is an exception, you can find services in some cities that are only 10 to 20 percent higher than a cab.
Then there are the grey areas. Major cities now regularly have executive car services. These blur the line between a taxi and a limo. Think of cars like you see given to golf professionals during Paint Protection Film Tesla Model 3 tournaments. You get a driver and a Lincoln Continental or some such thing. The cost is usually somewhere between a taxi and limo, which means they are relatively cheap for a very nice ride.
So, what is your best bet – a taxi or a limo? It Infant Car Seat Safety Ratings all comes down to pricing, so check around.

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