Seeing Fashion Through A Designer’s Eye

Seeing Fashion Through A Designer’s Eye

In all parts of the world the fashion trends are influenced by the national characteristics. This is why fashion designers from Italy, United States and Tokyo have different views on styles and trends. By simply taking a look at the collections of some of the most famous designers from these parts of the globe you will be able to notice the difference. Such distinctions are the result of many elements such as national culture, education and personal background.

The Italian designers are believed to be the peak of the fashion creations. Many of the Italian top designers are famous all around the world. It doesn’t matter if they use clear cut leather or bright colors for their creations, women and men of all ages would love to have at least one item from their collections. The Italian style is defined by combining modern trends with classic looks. Also their outfits represent the perfect combination of informal style and luxury. The fashion capital of Italy is considered to be Milan.

In Tokyo one can find the vast majority of the Japanese fashion houses. There are some common characteristics in the top designer’s collections that can be described as a passion for complex and complicate cuts, abundance in patters and dark, gloomy colors. Something else that can easily be noticed in the Japanese collections are the innovative cuts and also the multi-layered clothes.

The dominant style in the United States is casual. The American designers combine the athletic, loose style with the elegant little details. The whole look of their creations is characterized by the modern and relaxed attitude towards life itself. The capital of fashion in America is considered to be New York.

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Each of us has a clear fashion style that helps us create our outfits and choose our accessories. The local influences are also important in our fashion choices but they shouldn’t be a barrier in trying out new things. There are various combinations that can be very interesting for you to try. Taking yourself too seriously is not good and neither is taking your outfits!