Safety Tips For Motor Vehicle Owners

Year after year, a lot more people are being assaulted in parking areas. Many are exploited near or inside their vehicles. These random Nhtsa Tesla acts of violence can be easily avoided when the public becomes much more aware of tips on the best ways to avoid being victimized.
To start with, make sure that your automobile is working to the best of its ability. A damaged car in the wrong part of town or on a deserted road is a trouble magnet. Make sure you have good tires for the area you will be traveling and keep plenty of fuel in the tank. Keep car tools and provisions like bottled water, sports drinks and energy bars for a good start, inside the trunk area just in case you need them. Winter in the north you should toss in a few blankets and yes even a roll of toilet paper A few safety gadgets like a flashlight small pocket knife and self-defense weapons such as a pepper spray or stun gun will complete your car safety kit.
Valentine’s Day a few years ago, our state got behind during a winter storm and there were thousands of people stuck on the interstate for 3 days until they were able to get everyone moving. The National Guard had to take food, water and fuel to these people. There were a number of individuals hospitalized over this.
When you are headed to the malls or department stores always select the best parking spot available. Do not park too far from your specific destination. Park in areas with adequate lighting, security guards or surveillance cameras and keep in mind assaults can happen Independent Dealer Meaning any time of day. When going back to your car, make sure that you have your keys available they can be an effective weapon in a close encounter and most fobs have a panic button, never hesitate to use it. You will only look silly to yourself over a false alarm.
It would not hurt to have a defense weapon while walking. A mini pepper spray which has a key ring can be used for this purpose. Survey the area while walking. Take note of almost any suspicious person hanging around the exits or vehicles within the lot. If you are with doubt, do not go near your automobile. Ask someone, ideally security staff, to go with you right up until you have eased your way out of your parking place. They do not want to have any incidents on their property so are normally very responsive to customers If someone does approach you and attempt to get your automobile, calmly let the car thief have it. Do the same thing if a thief goes for your valuable items.
Whenever hostility is being aimed openly at you, it is time take action a pepper spray can be employed as a deterrent. Defense sprays shot at the face will trigger an extreme burning sensation in the eyes and therefore temporary blindness. The tissue lining of the nose as well as mouth will enlarge, resulting in obstructed air intake. A pepper spray is a non deadly weapon that should be employed to getting away from dangerous circumstances. The incapacitation of the enemy is the best chance to save yourself and seek from security or police.
In summary just a little physical preparedness and mental forethought can go a long way to increase your safety many folds.

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