Safety Features of Cars

Some of the most dangerous road accidents can be avoided my some innovative car gadgets and additions. The inflatable air bag is just one of many that protect the driver from direct impact with the steering wheel. The mechanism that this works by is the front of the car is connected to and activator. Buy Second Hand Car When a certain amount of pressure is exerted onto this activator the air bag instantly inflates into the face of the car drivers. This has to happen instantly otherwise the physical impact might get to the driver before the air bag has enough time to provide a cushioning for the blow.
The blowing of tires is one other area of concern in terms of car safety. If you are driving at very high speed and a tire suddenly blows or gets punctured then it can cause huge amount of instability, which as a result can cause the vehicle to do a barrel roll or at the very least cause the driver to lose control and collide with another vehicle. One safety feature that has been developed to combat this is a tire that can inflate itself almost as 14 Car Companies Control 54 Brands quickly as it becomes deflated. This is patented technology, but not completely as alternative designs have been made to gain the same effect. The materials and price of the mechanism for this technology to be put in use cost far too much for the average car owner and therefore is a very unpopular addition for drivers to make to their car. It is basically a balance between the amounts of safety it provides compared to the price that it costs.

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