Safest Family Cars And What You Should Know

The safest family cars are cars that are loaded with the latest safety features. Anyone that is driving around with their family will tell you that the safety of their family members is priority with the car they choose.
Safety features have come a long way in the past few years. With the automotive technology of today, one can feel especially confident that the possibility of injury to their family members is decreased.
Here are some of the newest safety features available in the safest family cars.
A Strong Roof – When it comes to the safety of your family a strong roof that offers exceptional protection in the event of a rollover accident is very Vroom Reviews important. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) added the roof-strength requirement in how they measure protection in rollover crashes.
The stronger a roof is in a vehicle protects the occupants much better. Federal studies on injury and fatality data showed that people who are involved in rollover crashes have a much lower rate of serious injuries.
Antilock Brakes (ABS) – Today, most vehicles come standard with an antilock brake system. These brakes will lessen the chance that the car will skid or slip and slide in unfavorable weather conditions.
Side Curtain Bags – Most minivans and SUV’s now come with side curtain bags that protect each of the seat’s passengers. These airbags will protect your family should you be involved in a roll-over crash or your car takes on a side hit.
I recently read a story of a family in Colorado who survived an avalanche thanks to the side curtain bags. Although their minivan was totaled, all passengers escaped without injury, this is incredible.
Seat Belts – Where it is true that seat belts have been around for many years, a lot of the SUV’s and minivans now come equipped with center lap seat belts which provides protection for Car Cover Snow anyone sitting in any of the car seats. It used to be that the only seat belts were shoulder belts coming from the sides of the vehicle, leaving the person in the middle unprotected.
Electronic Stability Control – This feature is especially helpful in the vehicles that are larger and sit up higher. These are individual brakes for each of the vehicles tires. This helps keep the car more solid on the ground if the event of a skid and can prevent some roll-overs.
Many SUV’s and minivans now come standard with this feature. In fact, I’ve seen some manufacturers who have put in extra research and trademarked their electronic stability control systems, specific to their models.
Rear Cameras – One nearby hospital claims that on average 2 children each month are admitted to the hospital because a loved one accidentally drove over the child in their own driveway. These are tragic figures.
The invention of rearview Cameras is a life-saver for children. Many manufacturers are taking part in decreasing the chance that this can happen with their models so they are offering the rear cameras as an added feature to increase the safety of children.
These are some of the safety features available in the safest family cars today. It is a good idea to do some research on the safest cars for you and your family before purchasing your next vehicle.

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