Restrain Your Dog in the Car

You have thought about it, mainly when you slammed on the brakes and saw or heard your dog fly forward. An unrestrained dog is not only dangerous for the driver, but can lead to your dog’s death, too. We have all done it. Put the dogs in the back seat, only to hear them cry to come up front with you OR, place them carefully beside you to sit quietly on the way to the vet or park, only to have them jump on your lap. I am guilty. But no more.
First of all, is the danger to the driver. Of course most adults believe texting while driving is inherently distracting. But so is a dog jumping on a lap or trying to get into a purse or under the seat for the hidden left over french fry. We believe danger is something that happens to others. It is a most human thought, but it is wrong. Pet owners know the sounds of distress in their pet and will be distracted easily by the pet when in the car.
Secondly, restrained pets cannot get into things in the car. My neighbor who keeps poisons away from the dog religiously in the house did not know about the kids leaving an open chocolate candy bar under the seat People Looking For Cars until Maxie found it. My neighbor was driving at 60 miles an hour down the interstate at rush hour when she saw the chocolate all over the dogs mouth. A restrained dog would have not been able to get the candy.
Finally, the consequences to an unrestrained passenger in an accident are too well known. According to Katherine Miller from the ASPCA, a 50 pound animal in a 35 mile per hour collision is projected with 1500 pounds of force. I am a very good driver, but could not prevent the driver coming toward me lurching into my lane. In the aftermath, that is when I realized that my air bag saved me, but that my precious dog would have been seriously injured or killed.
One last note, an unrestrained dog, frightened by an accident can easily run away from an accident, perhaps into more traffic. I recommend an outstanding harness that New Diesel Cars In India fits dogs of all sizes (and cats, too). It is a Padded Dog Harness and for small dogs is less than $13.00. Be a good Pet Parent, restrain your pet in the car.

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