Resellers, Sell More Auto DVD Players to Happy DIYers

It doesn’t matter if your customers are offline or online they will all live by one maxim, the customer is always right. It is this maxim that has created so many headaches and problems from ecommerce vendors of all walks of life that a web 2.0 site has been created to oppose it.
And while many stories of DIY fanatics tend to turn up on it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be a nightmare, in fact… if you understand what they’re doing and how to communicate with them they can be quite a profitable arm of your business.
So what type of person installs car DVD players themselves?
Mostly, auto DVD player resellers don’t have to worry overly much about bad feedback from DIY enthusiast because in most cases people wouldn’t even dream of installing the car DVD player themselves. People live in an era where stress is as common as the next cup of coffee served in Starbucks. This means that people simply do not need more added stress from, number one, learning all about auto DVD players and how to install them in their car.
Saying that though, the type of person who gets their car DVD player installed for them is less likely to shop online for a car DVD so you are most likely to get two types of customers:
DIY installers who know how to install car stereos and other electronics into cars and have done a lot of it before and people who have never done it but just want to save some money and get a feeling of accomplishment for doing it themselves.
Many people think this way, and what you need to do is to see these people as potential customers that only need on more shove to put them in the bag.
One good way to help yourself and the customer is to talk to them about the dangers and considerations of installing car DVD, and in fact any car electronics into their car by themselves.
This doesn’t necessarily need a face to face conversation, or even via email. In fact in most cases you will be having this conversation via your description.
When you are writing your description put yourself in your customers place and think of what things will be Buying A Used Car From A Dealer worrying them and what things they will need to know to install the car DVD you are selling into their car.
You may need to include information like:
* The type of dash the auto DVD will fit into
* The volts it uses
* The area the TV signal is best suited for
* Where they can get GPS software and what type of software the car DVD is compatible with.
* Any other tips that you think might help them fit the car DVD in place
* Any more accessories that might enhance their experience with the auto DVD player (This can be a great place to cross sell your other products)
The more you know about the product and the more useful information you share the more your customer will trust you.
If your customer does decide to go for DIY, then at the very least you already established How To Buy A Used Car From A Dealer With Cash good relations with them and chances are he’ll be back in the future to do more business.
And, if anything goes wrong during his DIY installation of the auto DVD, you’ll probably the first person they’ll turn to for help.
Or at the very least you will be able to tell them that you warned them and point them at the description page and extra information you have given them. And if you think they will be worth some extra business in the future you could try offering a friendly discount of around 10% – 15%.
Keep in mind that for a customer, a failed DIY installation is very stressful and that a friendly 10% – 15% discount, while not being much skin off your nose, makes a nice gesture and may even generate some business in the future for you. So don’t just let that budget conscious DIY fanatic become a liability turn him into an asset and watch your customer base grow.

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