Replacement Auto Carpet Puts New Life to Old Cars

When you want to give your car a face lift, when you would like it to feel and smell like a new car, one of the best things you can do is install replacement auto carpet in your car.
The carpet is where most of the nasty odors accumulate. Whether through spillage, dirt or water damage, your old carpet has the ability to retain the moisture for a long time and spread the smell all over the interior of your car. No amount of air fresheners or vacuuming will help.
If you are a dog owner you have, probably more than once, wiped drool off the carpet or cleaned muddy paw prints. If you have kids… enough said. Your relatively new car doesn’t feel new anymore.
Replacing the whole carpet? Can it be done?
Fairly easy. When talking about replacement auto carpet for your vehicle, it’s always best to deal with an expert. There is no one size fits all when it comes to interior car carpets. A company called Auto Custom Carpets Inc. claims to have History Of Car Dealerships 15,000 styles and over 325 original colors. They make the carpets to fit the exact make, model and year of your car. Prices for a molded carpet run around the $200, not very expensive when talking about car accessories and upgrades.
Other replacement auto carpet companies offer molded carpets to the public at factory outlet prices, and will, just as the first company, ship the carpets to you. The Auto Trim Supply Company offers carpets and matching floor mats from 23,000 styles from the 1940’s models through today.
Most of those carpet are offered with matching floor Things To Buy For Your Car mats. A set of 4 mats will cost around $150.
You can get the carpet and the mats shipped to you. Complete kits are available online, so you can do it yourself. Or you can take to a professional and have the carpets installed. Either way, you have cut the price of the middle man.

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