Reducing Your Risks of a Rollover

Rollover accidents are among the most devastating accidents that drivers can experience. In a rollover, the vehicle leaves its tires and rolls onto its roof, sometimes repeating this process numerous times. Each time the vehicle flips, the driver and passengers inside are at an increasingly greater risk of suffering a devastating injury.

Though some vehicles are more prone to rollovers than others, there are ways for individuals to drive more safely so that they can help reduce their risk of such a serious accident.

An important thing to note about rollovers is that many occur in single-car accidents. This means that without a collision, some vehicles roll over. This could be due to a road defect, inclement weather, or even taking a corner too quickly.

Individuals can help reduce their risk of flipping over in single-car accidents by:

Reducing speeds in rain, snow, Kelley Blue Book Midsize Suv and other dangerous weather

Taking corners and turns at a greatly reduced speed

Avoiding potholes, shoulder drop-offs, and other defects

Knowing their vehicles’ centers of gravity

Speed is a factor in many rollovers, as greater speeds give individual less time to react to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, speeding while driving in tough conditions puts more strain on the vehicle, which may also cause a driver to lose control.

Many individuals fail to consider their vehicles’ centers of gravity when driving. Taller vehicles, like sports utility vehicles, vans, and pickup trucks, have high centers of gravity. As such, they may be more susceptible to rolling over when making sudden movements.

Additionally, when individuals load cargo into their vehicles, they should do so with their vehicles’ centers of gravity in mind. Unevenly distributing loads can throw off the balance of a car, making it more difficult to control.

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While these tips may help you avoid rollover accidents, the fact remains that some vehicles are poorly constructed and designed, making them more prone to rollovers no matter how careful you are. If you were involved in a rollover Leader Accessories Car Cover accident and want to learn more about your legal rights, the Clearwater car accident attorneys of Tragos & Sartes, P.L. can help you find out whether you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.