Rear View Mirror Hidden Camera – A Review For Drivers

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re steering, the mere act of driving comes immediately with its own share of risks. Most of these – if not all – can be effectively addressed with the use of a rear view mirror hidden camera.
Do You Need a Rear View Mirror Hidden Camera?
As this surveillance and safety device will cost you several hundred dollars, it’s understandable that you’d like to be completely assured of its projected benefits. Listed below are its essential features. See for yourself what you can enjoy when you purchase hidden camera for your own car.
Rear View Camera
This system uses two kinds of cameras and the first one is installed directly inside the rear view mirror of your car. It is about a quarter of an inch in size and able to capture images in digital CMOS color. This is important as you’ll be able to provide more accurate details for any photo you might need to submit to the authorities in case of theft, vandalism, or any other vehicular accident. More importantly, this camera is also capable of recording audio, allowing you to record conversations without alerting potential troublemakers or any subject under surveillance.
Your purchase will usually include an 8GB SD card that you can use with the camera’s built-in Car Dealership Instagram Marketing memory card slot. If, however, that’s not enough for you then you can use a 16GB SD card.
This hidden camera can be rotated up to 360 degrees, which consequently allows you to record what is happening not only inside your car but also what’s in front or next to your car.
For image or video playback, just insert your system’s SD card to your computer or any other video-playing device.
To install this camera, just clip it on to your built-in rear view mirror. This camera also comes with a rechargeable battery which you can charge either by USB or plugging it to the auxiliary cigarette lighter of your vehicle.
External Camera
You can attach the second camera outside your car – perhaps below your bumper for a less obtrusive location – or on your rear dash. Unlike this type of camera, this one allows instant playback because it Top 10 Indian Cars comes with a 3.6 inch thin-film transistor LCD monitor. Videos may also be played back at the real-time speed of 30 FPS. You can even use it to playback videos or images caught by your rear view camera.
With a rear view mirror hidden camera, you might as well have a hundred eyes working to guard your safety and your car’s!

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