Promote Your Business With Car Safety Kits

There is a large selection of car related safety kits that are good value for money and excellent promoters to boot! Whether you have customers with employees who are on the road a lot or your employees are, these gifts are great to have in the car when they are required. Following is a list of some of these much sought after business gifts that will show you care about your employees’ and/or customers’ well being.
Car Safety Torch: There are quite a few of these on the market but one that really stands out is also available on a five day express service. Carsdirect The eco friendly torch with wind up dynamo mechanism features a 5 LED torch, flashing red lights. It also has a built in safety belt cutter.
2 Piece car emergency kit: There are many kits on the market so look around. This kit is available from many different suppliers but it is worth looking around a little. The kit contains a collapsible triangle & fluorescent waistcoat in an orange bag.
Camera: There are still a range of single use cameras available but most people are going for digital. The choice is yours. It is a good idea to have a camera in the car in case you have an accident and want to When Will The Car Dealer Call Back take a picture of the scene. Camera can be printed with your logo and details. The single use camera can even be printed in full colour giving you an excellent opportunity to promote your company in a big way.

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